A note on the Bale system.
Bale is a home brew system that has gone through several play tests and system tests. Some were even successful. This campaign will be the fist full length game world and system play test to work out the bugs that may have been missed in the final system test (which is currently running.) Players both experienced and novice are invited to join the game.

Planned game world 4 (Albion) – Check the map markers for basic information on the game world.
(Map: incomplete)
Albion. A vast continent surrounded by islands and sea.
Dragons, some prowl the landscape others live along side Albions other inhabitants though this is rare. Monsters prey on the weak and mass to prey on the strong. Three empires call this land home. Some times they are at war some times they are at peace, they are always looking for the advantage. Despite there being three empires, even they cant keep a hold on the entire land themselves. Some times entire new kingdoms can spring up and join one of the empires. The feudal nature of the land means that even if the empires are at peace the satellite kingdoms within the empires could be at war. Family rivalries, blood feuds or imagined insults can trigger a war between kingdoms. The victor could claim the land and instal a family member of honored knight in the throne of the kingdom.
This is the world you were born into. This is an old land. Ancient magic hides in tombs, Ruins, monsters and adventure. The party will be expected to fight, think and sneak across a world that will be against them every step of the way.
The first chapter of the campaign will take place primarily in the Iconian Empire located in the east of Albion.
Players will start in the imperial city of Icon. Not summoned by some divine destiny, lord, religious body or fate. Simply call upon to undertake a task which promises to pay a fair sum of coin. Provided of course they live to claim it.

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Bale - Broken Cycle

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