Bale - Broken Cycle

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Name: Mest Race: Human Path: Assassin
Description: A cloaked and cowled figure with only his eyes visible.
GM remarks: Easy to pick out in a crowd.

Name: Anai Surana Race: Elf Path: Master mage
Description: Red haired, green eyed. Bored of study and more study Anai has decided to go out into the world and experience adventure much to the disapproval of her family but a rebellious streak and serious case of boredom had her setting off without a care.
GM remarks: Enjoys threatening to set people on fire… Maybe a fire mage path… Forget I mentioned that.

Name: Sayan Deadwood Race: Elf Path: “Mortician”
Description: Dark haired, red eyed and unassuming. Has an aura that something is not quite right about him. Otherwise polite and well mannered.
GM remarks: “I see dead people… coming back to life…”

Name: Kaz Budd Race: Dwarf Path: Monk
Description: A stocky dwarf. Bit of a loner like quiet contemplation. Enjoys the peace of his workshop. Like studying the world. Brown hair and eyes and a busy beard.
GM remarks: Don’t foresee ‘Much’ alone time in this parties future.

Name: Summi Race: Wilderness Goblin Path: Barbarian
Description: Small Goblin, Loves her weapons. Brunette with highlight from the sun. Honorable and protective. Parents: not known.
GM remarks: Honorable?!?!?! You were not going to give that door a chance to defend its self!

Chapter one. The box.

Monday 28th

Our group of treasure hunters set out on their mighty quest. Ok their quest turned out to be more of a task than a quest but look how it turned out so far.
Zek the warrior smith asked them to retrieve a package for them. What was in the package you ask. Well no one asked exactly. They were simply assured that nothing out of the ordinary should come of the task. This seemed to be enough for out group.
Their mission was to the city of Ance, A city controlled by the Chancellor Hadvik, the only dwarven king in the Iconian empire. Their contact a man named Vadenine was to give the party the package for them to return to Zek.
Leaving the city the party pondered the 3 day journey to the city of Ance until the parties resident apprentice mage, Anai Suraina noticed the coach station outside the northern gate to the city.
After a blinding bit of coercion by Mest the teams would be assassin and all round sneaky bastard, the party were allowed to travel for nearly ¼ the price it should have cost.
They arrived at the city without incident and decided that looking for Vadenine straight away was the best plan. After asking a very gruff and curt guard they were point in the direction of the Industrial district.
While on route they noticed they were being followed by a very inept thief. He was a seven foot tall with the sneaking skills of a troll and a cowl covering his face. Mest left into action and slunk into the shadows and waiting for the Orc to pass him before jumping out behind the man, only then finding out the figure following them was an Orc. The party decided not to engage the Orc but instead try a bit of interrogation. The Orc failed to hide anything even though he denied everything and probably would have denied his own name had the party asked.
The interrogation ended with the Orc making a hasty get away but as he did so he dropped a small pouch.
Anai quickly scooped up the pouch and found a green coloured gem inside. Sayan, a ‘Mortitian’ used his magic rune to detect death magic on the gem. Finding none and thinking little more of it she pocketed it and they continued into the industrial district to find Vaderic.
Vadenine was working his forge when the party approached had they gotten too close they would risk being hit by a smiths hammer working so fast on a suit of armour that is could barely be seen.
After a short conversation the party learned two things. Getting hold of the package was not going to be as easy as they had hoped and things moved slowly here unless you did them yourself.
It turned out that the local cartel had stolen the package and that Vadenine had begun negotiations to get it back, all the party could do was wait for the out come.
After a short discussion the decision was made to find out if the gem they had picked up was magical or just a shiny rock that could be worth something. Vadenine pointed them in the direction of a hedge wizard called Zale who lived near by.
Zale’s house looked like it had been grown rather than built. Ivy and other plants dotted the garden surrounding the building and the strong smell of a herb garden was thick in the air. Seeing the Open sign on the door the party moved on in.
On entering the house the party had to watch its footing and their heads as over stocked shelves spilled onto the floor and things hung from the roof, some of which it was best not to look too closely at. Kaz, the parties ‘Monk’ cleared his throat to attract some attention. The top half a a green head appeared over the shops counter at the far end and a very short, sharp and fast reply of “What?” came their way. Anai gave the Goblin with no social graces the green gen asking him if it was magical. Zale confirmed it was indeed a magical crystal although he did not know what kind and if the party was not going to buy anything would they kindly get the hell out.
The party regrouped outside the shop. Anai decided to activate the crystal and find out what it did.
In a shower of blue and green sparks the party found them selves in the total darkness that can only be achieved when either blind or inside a structure. Kaz’s dwarf sense told him instantly that they were underground. Anai took out a glow potion and Summi, the parties wilderness goblin… berserker…. took out a lamp. By the light they could now see a large braced wooden door. Anai knocked.
A hatch opened half way down the door and a voice asked for the password. Anai growing impatient threatened the man on the other side. There was a brief silence before the man said “close enough.” and opened the door.
After the door was opened the man soon realised that they were not thieves and bolted off down the corridor into the darkness.
The party shrugged and moved out. Mest tried to move stealthily but slipped on a patch of lichen and went crashing to the ground. Seyan tried to make himself less of a target too by making himself seem small and inconspicuous how ever ended up making himself look like the biggest threat in the party.
After a short while they heard the foot falls of people running towards them from the tunnel ahead. Anai concealed her grow potion and stepped against the wall hopping that who ever it was would pass them by in the dark. The only flaw in this plan however was Summi. The little berserker did indeed move against the wall to let the people running their way pass however she did not hide or put out the lantern she was carrying and the party was still lit up like a Christmas tree. Anai readied a spell and hurled a fire ball at the first of the three figures to emerge.
The fight was short with Anai, Summi and Kaz all claiming kills. As each one died the figures burst into a heat-less flame before crumbling to dust. Seyan collected some of the dust in a vial and cast detect death on the dust discovering that their was residual death magic on the dust.
Continuing on the party came to a folk in the tunnel one leading left and one leading right. Anai cast a fire ball down each tunnel. The left tunnel had a door at its end while in the right tunnel the fire ball travelled for only a few feet before disappearing, enveloped by the black.
The party chose the left tunnel unanimously and continued on to the door.
As they approached the door they could hear more and more voices from the other side. Kaz knocked on the door only to get no response from the other side and the commotion they could hear continued.
It was suggested that they should bust their way in. Summi ever spoiling for a fight, even with a door, readied her axes and charged. As she was charging a thought occurred to Sayan who turned to door handle. The door swung open sending the charging Summi stumbling inside.
The Party had discovered the thieves market in Ance. Hundreds of traders sold good that none of them had paper work for.
Anai began questioning a beggar offering him gold if he told her what she wanted to know and “Incinerated knackers” if he messed her around. Through this course of enquiry the party learned they were in the thieves market and the biggest house was owned by the man in charge. They also learned that the right hand man of the thieves guild leader, a man named Mathisen, had the box that the party was looking for.
When we left our party of intrepid treasure hunters they were approaching the large mansion of a house owned by who ever the guilds leader was. The grounds around the mansion were covered in roses of all different colours and the smell of a large herb garden hung in the air.
The party were left wondering who was in charge of the thieves guild, Why did Mathisen want the small wooden box, What was in the box that made people want it so badly and how do you grow plants underground without sunlight to nurture them?


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