Bale - Broken Cycle

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Name: Mest Race: Human Path: Assassin
Description: A cloaked and cowled figure with only his eyes visible.
GM remarks: Easy to pick out in a crowd.

Name: Anai Surana Race: Elf Path: Master mage
Description: Red haired, green eyed. Bored of study and more study Anai has decided to go out into the world and experience adventure much to the disapproval of her family but a rebellious streak and serious case of boredom had her setting off without a care.
GM remarks: Enjoys threatening to set people on fire… Maybe a fire mage path… Forget I mentioned that.

Name: Sayan Deadwood Race: Elf Path: “Mortician”
Description: Dark haired, red eyed and unassuming. Has an aura that something is not quite right about him. Otherwise polite and well mannered.
GM remarks: “I see dead people… coming back to life…”

Name: Kaz Budd Race: Dwarf Path: Monk
Description: A stocky dwarf. Bit of a loner like quiet contemplation. Enjoys the peace of his workshop. Like studying the world. Brown hair and eyes and a busy beard.
GM remarks: Don’t foresee ‘Much’ alone time in this parties future.

Name: Summi Race: Wilderness Goblin Path: Barbarian
Description: Small Goblin, Loves her weapons. Brunette with highlight from the sun. Honorable and protective. Parents: not known.
GM remarks: Honorable?!?!?! You were not going to give that door a chance to defend its self!



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